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Pitch Factory provides the following services:

  • Copywriting

  • Website Videos & Film Blogs

  • Website and Portal Development using Cloud CMS and ImpressPages

  • Marcoms

  • Marketing Automation using Factoria Technology


Improve the quality of writing in brochures, marketing collateral, websites and presentations. Competitive prices either project-based or hourly.

Website and portal development using Cloud CMS and ImpressPages

Develop more impactful websites and client portals using the latest web technology using Cloud CMS, to promote your products and services more effectively, or to engage and deepen relationships with your clients.

Full service offering includes: Scoping, Software Development, Design, Implementation / Transition, Hosting and Project Management.


An on-demand copywriting, design and production service to business to produce marketing materials (brochures, fliers, tombstones etc.) using branded templates for web and print.

Website Videos & Film Blogs

 Film is a great media for getting your message across. Produce high-quality video content for the Web, intranet and for use at conferences and exhibitions at your offices using our portable studio. 

Full service offering includes:

  • Scriptwriting - helping you write the script so you get the message across 
  • Rehearsing Presenters - to build confidence in front of the camera
  • Filming - portable studio with lights, backdrop and autocue
  • Editing including titles and graphics

 Studio kit includes: Datavideo TP-300 Teleprompter Kit, PiXapro Duilite E27 Lighting twin kit, Canon 7D camera, clip mic