Pitching an Idea


Why should you do this course?

The course will focus on three key pitch situations: the Elevator Pitch/Personal Introduction, Presenting Your Business and Pitching to Win, which occur frequently throughout the time spent building a client relationship through to pitching to win a specific piece of business. As well as refining delivery in each situation, delegates will leave with an approach that will help them to continue to improve the way they write and deliver more compelling pitches and presentations in future.

The day is spent learning how to use new tools and methodology, and pitching live to a camera. The approach is designed to ensure delegates become better and more confident communicators, and to refine the pitches they have previously prepared and brought with them. Delegates will also leave with a plan of action to follow up, which will help them take their pitches to the next level.

The 3 pitch situations you will master in more detail:

ELEVATOR PITCH/PERSONAL INTRODUCTION – the first time you meet someone in a business setting where you explain what you and your business does

PRESENTING THE BUSINESS – where you are asked to present an overview of your business to a prospective client or to a panel

PITCHING TO WIN – the moment you make your case for being selected, perhaps at the conclusion of a pitch or in answer to the question: “Why should we pick you?”

Who should attend?

The course is focused on real-world business situations and has been written to help those who play a role in promoting their business, who want to be better communicators and are open to constructive challenge.

Attendees who will benefit include:

  • People with deep technical knowledge and expertise who want to improve the way they communicate to a non-technical audience
  • Executives whose role requires them to be present more frequently to clients at meetings, conferences and networking events
  • People who find they habitually talk about features and want to learn how to write presentations and proposals that focus more on client benefits
  • Competent presenters and want someone to constructively challenge their approach.

What are the course outcomes?

Attendees will:

  • Leave armed with 3 clearer and better pitches
  • Will have learned how to write a more compelling benefit-focused pitch
  • Will be better communicators
  • Will have a plan to take their skills to the next level at work.

Delegates will subsequently have access to video recordings of the pitches delivered on the day, and receive a written personal improvement plan.