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 Why should you attend this course?

The art of presenting is to engage and interest your audience, to infect them with your enthusiasm and energy, so they listen to what you are talking about and remember some of the ideas and the key points you want them to take away.

So how do you learn how to do it?

It is true that the more you present, the better you get, but rather than take the long route, this course has been written to help business people make a step change in the way they present more quickly.

The course is designed to build confidence and presentation capabilities through teaching techniques including the use of the voice, linguistics and deportment, and by providing best-practice advice in dealing with a number of common presentation situations.

Learn the art of performing

The course provides practical opportunities to perfect presentation skills through exploring three core techniques:

HANDS AND STANCE – how you behave makes a big difference to how the audience perceive you as well as how you engage them

THE POWER OF THE VOICE – the voice is a powerful instrument, and if used properly makes presentations easier and more interesting to listen to

STORYTELLING – the structure of a presentation is crucial to the audience’s understanding

Who should attend?

The course is designed to help all business people who deliver presentations and speeches, but may be applicable particularly benefit to those who are:

  • Rising managers who are expected to present more frequently
  • Professionals and technical specialists, who need to learn how to communicate more effectively with non-specialist audiences
  • People in business development and sales roles

What are the course outcomes?

Delegates will:

  • Understood the key techniques that underpin the art of presenting, that can be applied immediately back in the office
  • Improved the quality and impact of a specific work-related presentation, which is rehearsed during the day
  • Be more confident and better presenters